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Prestina Yarrington

Ready to Level Up?

Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Growth & Development Coaching


Welcome, I'm Prestina!

I am 'The Growth and Development Coach', a corporate powerhouse with over 25 years coaching and developing individuals to be their best selves both professionally and personally. I leverage the wisdom gained from my diverse experiences as a mother, a professional, and a business leader to guide individuals on a path of personal and professional growth and development.

My life has been a constant exploration of growth, strength, and resilience and I have a passion to ignite you with a holistic approach to unlock your full potential and create success in all areas of your life. 

Get the Keys

Feel Stuck in Life?

  • Uncover Your Values

  • Define Your Purpose

  • Set Goals & Ignite Your Passion

  • Create New Habits

  • Overcome Challenges

Career Advancement?

  • Complete a Talent Assessment

  • Create a Personalized Strategy

  • Receive Guided Coaching

  • Navigate Transitions

  • Elevate Your Performance

Aspiring Leader?

  • Identify Your Strengths & Analyze Your Weaknesses

  • Develop Your Leadership Style

  • Sharpen Your Emotional  Intelligence

"Finding purpose and fulfillment is the cornerstone for living with intention" 

-Prestina Yarrington

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Author of

A Journey To Purpose

Your Daily Guide For Life

A Journey for Anyone Seeking Guidance, Inspiration, and a deeper sense of fulfillment

Kara S.

"Prestina helped me to realize the power that was in me. She changed my whole life for the better. I have unleashed the woman that was hidden deep inside." 
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